Episode 148: Jake Triplett - Comedian, Podcaster, YouTuber, Aspiring Golfer


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We certainly take things in a new direction this week with a guest that knows a lot less about golf than most of those who join us, but is now massively passionate about the sport.

Jake Triplett is well-known on social media but in recent times has become better known for his podcasting work (Ghostrunners, a podcast about nothing) and stand-up comedian efforts.

Happily, puts down his pasta from Chili's at his Kansas City home, he manages to form whole sentences and keep us very entertained. He explains his golf journey, his path to where he is in his career, the joys and challenges of stand up comedy, and is gracious enough to judge our awful attempts at writing and peforming some jokes. We break down some video of his golf swing, and he plays a golf related word game with us.

As much as he has been in the public spotlight for year, and is now on a U.S. national comedy tour with Trey Kennedy, Triplett has never shared much about his intense affinity for golf, so we were happy to provide a forum.

As per usual, we dive in The Week That Was, and take your Mail Bag questions on a variety of topics, including how long we would consider giving up golf to end a pandemic.

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