Episode 151: The Finale


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When you didn't know you would be doing a podcast three years ago, we think TeeTalk turned out pretty well.

Starting from a parking lot conversation - "we should do a podcast", this show was born and it's been quite a run. Sadly, but with pride, this is our last episode. It's the culmination of 151 episodes, 200 hours of programming, and countless more hours behind the scenes - wrangling guests, writing scripts, and digging through background research.

Wanting to keep it a party instead of a funeral, you'll find this show "The Finale" is full of all the regular TeeTalk goodness, from The Week That Was to the Mail Bag. We have a heavy sampling of Saudi Golf League talk, and, of course, there is a generous helping of thanks and goodbyes.

When a door closes another one opens, so keep an eye out for both Scott and Stefan and where they may pop up next.

Thank you to Jeff Bauder of Flagstick.com and various sponsors for supporting the show. Thanks as well to all the amazing guests, and especially to the listeners in 85 countries who were gracious enough to give us a listen.

We hope to see you on the fairways...




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