Clearing the clutter, Nintex reduces busy work, repetitive tasks with no-code needed solutions, Podcast


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When it became clear that remote work was here to stay, businesses scrambled to provide workers with the appropriate tools. Companies of all sizes turned to automation solutions like those that Nintex offer to cope with the new strictly digital environment. With Nintex, businesses can automate their day-to-day processes and create automated workflows to streamline their processes and help increase worker productivity from home. “We help people automate repetitive processes,” says Terry Simpson, Technical Evangelist with Nintex. In this podcast Simpson outlines how Nintex offers their clients insights into current workflows, brings in solutions to automate and streamline work, and provide analytical visibility. The ROI becomes apparent as labor time and other inputs are trimmed per unit of output. Simpson has been working with SharePoint and Nintex tools for the last 11 years. Prior to joining Nintex, he spent most of his career on the consulting services side of the business implementing a wide variety of SharePoint and Nintex solutions. Simpson’s unique, technical yet business-focused, background gives him the ability to help users leverage technology to drive value to their businesses. In this podcast, Simpson shares his insights on how organizations can use workflow automation to maximize productivity and create a more efficient process.

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