Podcast: COVID Pandemic and the Adoption of 5G Drives Demand for ROVA’s Network-Centric, Enterprise Mobility Solutions


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Experiencing greater than 300% growth in the past year as demand surges for its enterprise mobility software solutions, ROVA has hired four-time CEO Tom Thimot as its Executive Chairman. Through its work with one of the top three global carriers, ROVA connects over one million licensed devices enabling secure, manageable and dependable network connectivity for smartphones, mobile hotspots, and laptops to power the remote workforce. Its network centric approach, as opposed to device-centric, is transforming how carriers and enterprises manage mobile devices. In this podcast, ROVA’s Executive Chairman Tom Thimot and Founder and CEO Joe Bronowich discuss how the company responded to the catalytic shift caused by the pandemic that forced remote interactions for all businesses and academic institutions, many of which were not prepared to work remotely. In an interactive conversation, both Tom and Joe share how the company increased licensed devices from 380,000 to over one million during 2020 and multiplied its customer base by almost 6.5x -- from 3,250 to over 21,000 enterprise customers. Tom, an expert in scaling companies having successfully led five different fundraising exercises for several high-growth technology companies, and Joe an industry veteran who founded ROVA in 1995 and has managed to cultivate a 12-year client relationship with one of the largest global carriers, provide advice for channel and enterprise listeners on how to manage remote devices as businesses adjust to the new “remote” normal, the accelerated roll-out of 5G and ROVA’s expansion strategy. Tom Thimot

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