Podcast: Iotum looks to serving major verticals with unique communication experiences


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“There’s room for everyone,” says Jason Martin, CEO of iotum, reflecting on the changing scene in the cloud communications community. In this podcast for the Cloud Communications Alliance, Martin is joined by iotum’s Vice President of Marketing, Julia Stowell, as we look at the coming decade and year in the cloud. Iotum, is a pioneering member of the CCA. The firm saw the possibilities of WebRTC and developed a conferencing service with a free entry point. In this podcast we learn how the company has approached the new environment of communications by leveraging their technology to create customized communication experiences in major verticals, such as education and healthcare. Stowell discusses her thinking on how the cloud community can offer solutions to enterprise and end users and to other solution providers. Martin outlines how the coming year and decade offer opportunities to take existing technologies to a new level, as for example taking the conference call and reinventing the ATM machine, or the way we shop, learn, work, play, or access healthcare. Visit www.iotum.com

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