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True Hallucinations Anniversary @ Dice Radio Ft Ru-Bix Saturday nights 7pm - 9pm (UTC +3) @ ॐ Part 1: Jester Via Axis - Melt Into The Green Outsiders Vs Burn In Noise - Burning Out Ovnimoon & Etnica - Different Lifeforms Jumanji - Roll The Dice (Chameleon Remix) Electric Universe, Mad Tribe - Party Planners (Original Mix) Outsiders Vs Laughing Buddha - Intergalactic Conversation Laughing Buddha & Lucas O'Brien - Revel With The Devil Mad Tribe - Joint O'Clock (Original Mix) Ovnimoon - Alien Medicine Part 2: Ru-Bix Z3nkai - Ugly Humans (Mutaliens Remix) Synthetik Chaos, Z3nkai - Charapute (Original Mix) Aragorn, Z3nkai - Glow Stick Dance (Original Mix) Fagin's Reject - Chilled Neglect (Original Mix) Dirty Saffi, Synthetik Chaos - Synthetik Saffi (Original Mix) Aragorn - Time Master (Original Mix) Caveman - Collective Psychosis (Original Mix) Aragorn - Gkc Mon Cerveau (Original Mix) Delirium Tremens, N.E.S., Psiked'eliah, Brain Jam, Saikro, Kusabi - Royal Rumble 2 (Original Mix) Delirium Tremens - I Hear Voices (Original Mix) Delirium Tremens, Metrix - Filthy Bag Of Meat (Original Mix) ॐ Intended For Promo Use Only. Please support the artists, labels and festivals. Subscribe/Support: | Apple Podcasts: | Stitcher: | iHeartRadio: | Facebook: | Patreon:

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