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VS 3.0 - Mixed By Xero_Moon & Jester ॐ Xero Moon https://soundcloud.com/xero-8 Titans - Cosmic Mantra Vandeta - Love Story Shivatree - Awakening Magic Mizrahi - Nirvana Impulser - Inside Your Mind Lydia - Megaron Static Movement - Anonymous (Second Side Remix) Bionix - Fireball SFX - Y - Salem (Astral Projection Remix) Atma - Living Your Dream Tropical Bleyage - Sechica Crew Jester https://soundcloud.com/ru-bix_vs_jester Man With No Name - Posessed (Cosmic Dimension Remix) Nova Fractal - Reality Of Life Liquid Flow - Black Valley E-Mantra - Afterglow (Nova Fractal Remix) Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions Jaraluca - Existence Fiery Dawn - Nightfall The Infinity Project - Feeling Very Weird Ft Raja Ram (Astral Projection Remix) Nova Fractal & Oxi & E-Mantra - Stargate (Median Project Remix) ॐ Intended For Promo Use Only. Please support the artists, labels and festivals. Subscribe/Support: >> Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2Nb3JI7 >> iHeartRadio: https://ihr.fm/2PbtXup >> Tunein: https://bit.ly/2V1fZBr >> Facebook: http://bit.ly/2JDtz57

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