It's Been Six Days Since You Looked At Me ft. Ryan Broderick (@Broderick)


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On this very late edition of the pod, we're joined by Ryan Broderick, who writes the very good (but sadly, Hentai sparse) Garbage Day newsletter, covering all the weird, bizarre and surreal elements of the online hellworld. He also is a co-host of "The Content Mines" podcast.We were meant to talk about Bodybuilders dot com, specifically, a 2008 thread in which lots of beefy himbos are convinced there are only 5 days in a week. But, because we aren't losers who write notes, we instead talk about Fred Durst's golf vines, nights out in Hemel Hempstead, a dispute on anime forums about whether Hentai is colonialist, and, crucially, how I (Hussein) have lived a lie my entire life. @hkesvani@phoebe_rosa_holly --------------------------------------------------------As always, if you can, please do send money to bail funds to help protesters with legal fees. You can find the most up to date links here:

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