Marvel Cinematic Ukraine ft. Milo Edwards


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This week, Milo Edwards (@Milo_Edwards) joins us once again on the podcast for yet another strange hybrid podcast where we aren't sure if we're talking about start ups, Seinfeld or posts. Eventually, we decide to talk about Milo's attempted cancellation by British guys with Ukranian flags in their Twitter names, who are convinced that Milo is a war criminal because he was pictured with a bag of "Daddy's Sugar" at a French resort. Which leads us to a bigger question: How have posts about Russia broken the liberal brain online, to the point where basically everyone has been accused of being on Putin's payroll as an official Kremlin cyberbully? ----more---- Ten Thousand Posts is a show about how everything is posting. It is hosted by Hussein (@Hkesvani), Phoebe (@PRHRoy) and produced by Drew (@Drewtopia_). You can follow us at @10kpostspod on Twitter, or, for fortnightly bonus content, subscribe on Patreon at

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