[PREVIEW] Epistemic Trespassers ft. Jathan Sandowski


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---- ---- This week, we're joined by returning guest and friend, Jathan Sandowski (@jathansandwoski), from the very good podcast, This Machine Kills . We talk about Jameela Jamil's recent comments regarding Leftist strategy in preparation for socialism, which, in this case, means making #content and doing #posts for socialists. While people may have mocked her, we discuss whether Jameela's pure online brain was, in fact, able to identify a key issue in online discourse - namely, whether any meaningful and valuable left wing project can really be advanced through posting and creating content on platforms. You can probably guess what our answer is. We then go on to talk about the Luddites - a term that tech companies love to use to describe people who maybe don't want to give more data to Elon Musk- but what we can learn from them in challenging the prevailing power of platforms over the entirety of our lives, and in doing so, the possibilities of building a better internet for the future.

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