[PREVIEW] There Is No Spoon [Part 3] ft. Theymersophie


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-------- We finish off our Matrix series by talking about the final instalment of the Matrix trilogy. The Matrix Revolutions. We're joined by Sophie (@theymersophie) from the Youtube channel Curio once again, as we talk about the end of Neo's poster's arc, in which he saves Zion by simply *talking* to the enemy and defeating a big baby in the battle of ideas. We also talk about the legacy of the Matrix and how it is interpreted and misinterpreted, and what the effects of the film's ideas might mean for the upcoming Matrix sequel. Finally, we discuss how concepts explored in the trilogy have influenced tech guys today in the dumbest ways possible - including and especially Elon Musk, his fixation with Roko's Basilisk, and whose main take away from the Matrix films was that we should all be building machines to wipe out the human race. Sounds good! Ten Thousand Posts is a show about how everything is posting. It's hosted by Hussein (@Hkesvani), Phoebe (@PRHRoy) and produced by Devon (@Devon_OnEarth). If you enjoyed this podcast, please do consider subscribing to our other projects, including Trashfuture, Masters of Our Domain and Kill James Bond.

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