The Poster‘s Cabinet ft. Will Kedjanyi


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On this week's episode, we're joined once again by Will Kedjanyi (@KeejayOV3) to talk about why the British government - having decided to fully give up on governing- has been stocked to the brim with Posters. From Nadine Dorries falling for every Facebook conspiracy you can think of, to Liz Truss and her #love of #hashtags, the Conservative party have decided to simply cover all aspects of poster's brain - a strategy which, oddly enough, seems to be working. We also revisit one of the original anti-Brexit tweets - in which British people form "genteel queues at the Pret a Manger" that set the tone for the online "FBPE" movement, and examine why the group has been struggling to find a sense of purpose or identity in a way its counterparts haven't. -------- Ten Thousand Posts is a show about how everything is posting. It is hosted by Phoebe (@PRHRoy), Hussein (@HKesvani) and produced by Devon (@Devon_OnEarth). For bonus content, check out our Patreon at :

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