*UNLOCKED* Abolish Pasta! ft. Riley Quinn


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We've unlocked one of our bonus episodes this week, because we felt that there is an issue that too many have been silent on, fearing the woke mob who have normalised things such as overly-long personal blogs on top of simple recipes, and the defence of, in the words of Donald Trump, "bad-food restaurants".

We're joined by friend of the show Riley Quinn (@Raaleh), from Trashfuture, Boney Island Whitefish, The Bottlemen and probably some others, to talk about Italo-Food Futurism, and how a guy called Fillipo Marinnetti once had dreams of creating food that would inspire men to fight and win wars, only to be laughed at by the troops. But, his legacy lives on in a weird way - namely, in the form of strange viral food videos, ranging from Epic Meal Time style food sculptures to that woman who made the cheetos and candy macaroni and cheese and made everyone get mad online again.

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