Big 12 Tourney Betting, Cade vs Butler, & Fixing Kansas Football


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We've got a BIG one!

We are loaded with guests today, starting with Chase Kiddy of High Motor Podcast. We look at the betting on the Big 12 tournament, including why Baylor's not a great bet, who is, and who not to waste your money on. (04:22)

Then, we discuss Cade Cunningham vs. Jared Butler with Shehan Jeyarajah of Dave Campbell's and who the Big 12 should have named the Player of the Year. (31:02)

Finally, we welcome Andy Mitts of Rock Chalk Pod and Parker Fleming of Purple Theory to the show to discuss how to fix the Kansas Football program, including their need to establish an identity, recruiting in Kansas, whether or not they should go triple option, and more! (01:01:42)

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