McDonald's Chicken McNuggets (Episode 150)


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It's finally here! Episode 150!!!! We made it!!! To celebrate we are visiting McDonald's to try the Granddaddy of the chicken world, McNuggets. It's long overdue and we are excited to report our thoughts on not only the regular nuggs, but their recently released SPICY NUGGS!! Joining us are 6 past guests to talk about their McNugget experiences (Bill Oakley, Mike Glazer, Mary Jane Gibson, Hailley Field, and Jake Ellenbogen) We also discuss the ingredients that make up a nugget and give you the definitive history of both the McNugget and the good ol' fashioned chicken nugget. It's our longest episode to date, so strap in and revel in the beauty that is McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. WEAR A MASK! BE A TENDER FRIEND! SUBSCRIBE. SHARE. TAP 5 STARS. INSTAGRAM: @tenderfriendspod TWITTER: @tenderfriends Email: @ihateericwilson @michaelwalkerrr Tell us where we should go next and don't forget to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify!

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