TLS07E05 Pteranodon


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Perhaps the best known, and most often misrepresented, pterosaur is Pteranodon. It has become the archetypal pterosaur and is always in the background of every Mesozoic scene (especially with T. rex) to let you know that the pterosaurs are out there. But aside from being quite big and having a funky headcrest (like all the best pterosaurs do) it’s an animal that is constantly overlooked even though we have more than a thousand specimens of it to work from. That’s an odd combination so it’s time that Pteranodon got some love and we took a look at one of the best known and most studied pterosaurs.


Mark Witton’s blog post about the taxonomic confusion and identities of Pteranodon specimens

Dave’s blog post about the untimely end to one with a shark’s tooth in its neck.

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