Puppet Brings Low-Code Automation Tool Relay To Operators


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Learn more about Puppet Relay: https://puppet.com/products/relay/ Puppet announced the general availability of Relay recently. We hosted Deepak Giridharagopal, CTO of Puppet to learn more about the project. He said that Relay is based on a couple of core hypotheses. If you are an ops type of person, you would find that automation in this kind of modern environment is too hard; things move too quickly. In addition, the tooling is inaccessible to the broadest range of users that need to have it. With Relay Puppet is bringing the low-code approach to Ops, an interface to automate across all those different tools that teams use in the modern cloud environments. “Relay lets you do things like automated incident response, cost management, better security and compliance auditing,” said Giridharagopal.

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