E 43 That Great Business Show - Dave O'Hora, Southern.ie , everything you wanted to know about Facebook but were afraid to ask


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75% of Irish adults have a Facebook page - but many, many businesses are clueless on how to use this fantastic Business to Consumer tool - in this episode Dave O'Hora, director of Limerick based marcomms company Southern.ie gives us some seriously interesting insights into how to successfully hack Facebook data for your business.

  • Why 1,000 is the magic number
  • How to crack that Facebook 'limiter' and find your small, but beautifully formed, target audience
  • How to use Facebook Ad Manager and ask the right question of it
  • Why Facebook information is useful to even the smallest of businesses
  • The importance of telling stories, and how Lidl and Aldi use story telling to become Ireland's most popular Facebook pages
  • Lidl's most engaged pages include articles on period pains, NOT selling Covid related items etc....but not selling apples or oranges
  • If you haven't heard of Cian Twomey, why you need to do so
  • Why 'in the normal scheme of things' - you need to pay, but not much, to promote your business on Facebook
  • Love-ins on LinkedIn
  • Engaging content is about telling stories, 'doing a Jerusalem' , 'Pringles missing 4 inches' etc
  • Converting 'likes' into actual business
  • Facebook competitions and 'prize pigs'
  • Why hotels put ads onto the online death notices page
  • Most successful page in Donegal is the Donegal Daily online news for the Donegal area
  • How Limerick based Connolly's Menswear uses videos to get people to buy a suit, but not online
  • Why 'friendship' sells
  • How you can set up your own TV channel
  • The amount of money / resources wasted on the wrong channels and the wrong content
  • Top pubs and how they engage with their customers on Facebook, but to what benefit?
  • Home Store and More, one of the few Irish brands that makes it into the Top 10, and why...
  • LadBible is #1 for people 18 - 34
  • McDonagh Junction Shopping Centre is big in Kilkenny
  • Why we're getting less brand aware
  • Tasty versus TheTaste.ie
  • Three brilliant ideas on how to make $$$ - be Columbo, buy a mirror and look at yourself in it, give Mark Zuckerberg some money
  • Going 'native' with your local newspaper
  • And, his 'hire in a heartbeat',... Junior Série, a Brazilian data analyst working with Southern.ie

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