TRL 123: Crypto 101 Down the Rabbit Hole with Gerbz


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💬 Topics Discussed:

  • How Gerbz discovered crypto and what attracted him to it so much
  • What is money at its core?
  • Why is bitcoin so much better than fiat currency as a type of value transfer?
  • Why human greed will always sabotage money management
  • How does a block work, and why is it so much more secure
  • What does bitcoin mining mean, and what happens when it's all "mined"
  • What are bitcoin fees and how do they work
  • How do we use bitcoin on a daily basis when its value is constantly fluctuating
  • What is the core technological difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • How can smart contracts and the Ethereum network improve the way we live and do business today
  • The difference between Ethereum as a network, and ether (ethereum)
  • Why no one government could ever completely shut down the Bitcoin or Ethereum network even if they want to
  • How will different countries react and deal with the rise of cryptocurrencies over the next 10 years
  • Where do all the other tokens fit into the grand cryptocurrency scheme
  • Why using tokens to raise money for your startup is actually a really good thing
  • How to think of cryptocurrencies in sectors, the same way that different businesses exist in different niches
  • What is DeFi and why is it such a big part of the cryptocurrency story

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