TRL 141: Building a Profitable Freelance Business Using Twitter with Alice Lemée


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💬 Topics Discussed:

  • What kind of impact does traveling have on job hunting?
  • What made Alice change her carrier from working in the music industry to content writing?
  • How to distinguish yourself from other writers and build your personal brand
  • How to grow your Twitter following
  • Using Twitter in order to establish a brand or find projects
  • Tips on cold pitching for jobs
  • Are Upwork and Fiverr a quality source for projects and clients?
  • What is the most effective way of raising your rate as you establish yourself online?
  • Should you leave your first clients once you find new clients that pay more?
  • The future of work and The Creator Economy
  • What will the future of work look like?
  • The expansion of freelancing and digital nomadism
  • The importance of being multi-passionate as an entrepreneur
  • What will the infrastructure of freelancing look like in the future?
  • The impact of traditional education on the freelance mindset
  • What should young people know about careers in freelancing?
  • Are entrepreneurs born or made?
  • The future of the Creator Economy
  • What kind of challenges is Alice expecting when she enters the digital nomad lifestyle?
  • How to manage your work/life balance on a day-to-day basis
  • How to avoid burnout

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