TRL 146: Becoming a Digital Nomad Through Local Businesses & a Guide to Franchises with Neel Parekh


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💬 Topics Discussed:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic affected MaidThis and its operations
  • Why Neel decided to franchise MaidThis
  • The upside of being tech-savvy in an old school industry
  • What is a Remote Local Business
  • What kind of industries could benefit from the MaidThis business model?
  • What are the benefits of franchising?
  • How much is the buy-in for MaidThis and what do you get from it?
  • What kind of cities are ideal for a Remote Local Business?
  • What kind of person would be the ideal franchisee for MaidThis?
  • How tech-heavy is running a MaidThis franchise
  • Can you take a loan out for MaidThis?
  • How the perception of debt and loans has changed over the years
  • Taking on debt to buy liabilities VS Taking on debt to buy assets
  • What are some of the pain points of the Remote Local Business model?
  • How high are the margins and how much staff do you need for $1 million in revenue through a MaidThis franchise?
  • Does a franchisee get to use Neel’s support structure or does he have to build one on his own?
  • The power of personal brands and micro-personal brands
  • The Four Types of Luck
  • Did Neel’s private equity background help him out in his business journey?

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