Ep. 98: Stop Doing THIS in Your Marketing


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Wanna know what’s really been chapping our asses lately?! In this episode, Trudi and Weeze are unpacking the issue happening way too frequently online: the serious misuse of this work as a part of social media or email marketing strategies to sell shit to people. Ready for a “come to Beyoncé” moment here? Then listen in, because we’re breaking it all down for you and bringing you what this looks like, who’s doing it (it’s not just white folks!), and 3 things to watch out for online before deciding to work with someone in this space. We’re exploring: Where we see this happening and why it’s so important to be on the lookout for it The appropriate and RIGHT way to do this work What you need to do before you can really step into the role of an expert The classic weapon of whiteness that some melanated folks are using, where it comes from, and why it needs to stop THESE words y’all need to stop using interchangeably (and why it matters) If the very first thing that comes out of someone’s mouth is THIS…it’s a big ass red flag A nifty list of previous episodes for you to dig deeper and get a full understanding of all of these things Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/trudilebron https://instagram.com/accordingtoweeze https://instagram.com/nothowthatworks Music by Dennis “Aganee” Jenkins https://www.aganee.com https://instagram.com/therealaganee

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