Striking the balance between what your customers want and what your Northstar is with Yaagneshwaran Ganesh


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Yaag Ganesh is the Director of Marketing at AVOMA (a very organized meeting assistant), the host of ABM Conversations Podcast, an author of 8 books, and a TEDx speaker. Brett and Yaaag discuss great marketing and striking a balance between what your customers want and what your north star is. When working on a small marketing team, the best approach is to create specific content based on customer conversations.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Conversation with Yaag
2:50 Networking with marketers
4:45 Main topic of conversation
7:05 Holistic collaboration
10:00 Top of the funnel content
16:12 Don’t outsource content
17:40 Avoma
19:40 Marketing team of one
22:30 Long term mindset
27:06 Specific personalized emails
29:50 Growth and identifying ideal customer
34:20 Product led
35:18 Analyzing customer calls
40:36 Connect with Avoma
41:24 Outro

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