Steal Like A Scientist To Optimise Conversation Rates


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The most expensive way of testing anything is to launch it and to see if it works.
However, that’s often how things are done when it comes to new campaigns and website launchesScientists base everything they do on the relentless testing of ideas to either prove or disprove concepts BEFORE rolling them out.
So as a marketer, if you strongly commit to testing as you develop projects you’ll be ever closers to being a genius scientist yourself. And at the same time, what ever you do ultimately launch will be the closest you’ll get to having a winner each and every time.
Having the right mindset, approach and systems in place for testing is crucial.
Which is why this week on the show we’ll explore in detail how the best conversion optimisation experts do it, so that you can ultimately do the same.
This week live from Austin, Texas with Brian Massey!
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