Jealousy Reviewed


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Jealousy by Scarlet Beriko Published by Sublime

Jackass by Scarlet Beriko Published by Sublime

Forth Generation Head Tatsuyuki Oyamato by Scarlet Beriko Published by Sublime

Queen and the Taylor by Scarlet Beriko NOTE:

Please Sublime publish in English! Available in French from Taifu Comics

Banana Fish by Akimi Yoshida Anime Available on Amazon Prime

Twittering Birds Never Fly by Yoneda Kou Published by June

In These Words by Kichiku Neko Published by 801 Media OUT OF PRINT (Ebay that sh*t)

Smurf's World by JayJay Art by Otae & Luvloo Available on Tapas

@Puppy _ Love by Hamnya Art by Mmmnya Available on Tapas

Coyote by Ranmaru Zariya Published by Sublime

Blind Play by YD Art by Raic Online at Lezhin

Bound to be Fools by Gahyun Available on Tapas

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