Ep. 64 | This too shall pass (How to LET GO)


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This too shall pass (How to LET GO) Watch Video Version HERE: https://youtu.be/KugIaXHhtQ8

As you embark on the adventures of life (from the smallest of moments to the life-defining ones), you will encounter many waves of life in great ocean of life. I was recently listening to a brilliant conversation with Radhanath Swami and Jay Shetty on Jay's On Purpose podcast (watch that video here: https://youtu.be/eQQkYysZqVI)

In it, world-renowned spiritual leader and philanthropist Radhanath Swami shares an excellent lesson on how our life is similar to that of a surfer in the ocean; mainly, how he or she navigates the waves that come tumbling and crashing in front of them.

In this episode, I expand upon this teaching and share my own insight on how you must not be afraid of the ever-changing seasons of life.

You must allow all things to come and go, small or big.

You must understand that nothing is permanent.

You must realize that this too shall pass.

I am a huge advocate of mental health, and many of you who listen to me discovered me through my personal anxiety story videos.

This phrase is what got me through the toughest (and darkest) of days...the scariest of "waves". Thank you for watching. #inspiration #lifeadvice #monkmindset

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