The Intro: Let’s Talk About the £250 Billion Global E-Learning Market


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Welcome to #TheAbundantPractitioner podcast.
Did you know that the Global e-Learning Market is set to be a £250 Billion market by 2025, which is triple what it was in just 2015?!?
Yes, you heard right, this industry is booming, and I believe MORE THAN EVER Qualified Health & Wellbeing Practitioners are being called to be a part of this industry, so people can seek support from trusted professionals.
And you’re READY!
You don’t need another qualification or another certificate (coaching or otherwise) to be ready to do this, you are already more qualified than most in this industry. You’re needed now and what’s more it’s an opportunity for you to be more impactful, soul-nourished and profitable in the way you work too!
This is why I’m excited to launch the #TheAbundantPractitioner Podcast.
In this kick-off episode, I share with you why I decided to enter the Global e-Learning Market and what tuning into weekly episodes of #TheAbundantPractitioner can do for you too.
Enjoy and share with your like-minded friend!
Good vibes always,
Dr. Tilean x

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