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Given the amount of information about COVID (often contradicting), I thought it would be a good idea to have a discussion with an expert to make sense of it. I interviewed Dr. Robert Wachter, Chair of the Department of Medicine at UCSF, whose team has been working on COVID response from the very beginning. We covered everything from How COVID affects human body to Vaccines to Hydroxychloroquine to conspiracy theories, and everything in between. Dr. Wachter also answered a bunch of my trivial questions: - Does he wipe groceries and mail? - Is he comfortable going to a Gym? - Does he think it is safe to send kids back to school?; and many other questions.

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Rough outline:

01:33 Who is Dr. Robert Wachter

03:22 How COVID affects people with different pre-existing conditions

07:45 Effective treatment, but not Hydroxychloroquine

15:00 Vaccines are coming in February 2021?

21:22 Why is COVID picking up again?

26:27 Do masks actually work?

30:50 Shortage of PPE and Testing – supply in China

36:10 First signs of the Storm

42:35 Is COVID human made virus?

44:56 Day-to-Day activities: Wiping groceries? Fly? Eat out? Gym?

57:28 Digital transformation of medicine

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