Episode 14: Eicca Toppinen, Apocalyptica


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Eicca Toppinen is the founding member of the multi-platinum metal band Apocalyptica, which has a cult following around the world. Its first album, Plays Metallica by Four Cellos was released in 1996 and turned the heavy metal music upside down due to the band unique sound - the new music style is now called Symphonic Metal. In this interview we covered the history of the band, changes in the music industry, Eicca's life and creative process, and collaboration with Metallica & other bands.

Time stamps:

00:15 Streaming live concert

03:23 How are albums and features songs are written

08:24 Creating a band

14:53 International tours

17:00 How do musicians make money

18:50 Genesis of Apocalyptica

24:00 Plans for future

27:30 Metallica’s 30-year anniversary

29:00 Describing each member of Apocalyptica

33:48 Describing each member of Metallica

35:44 Getting to know Eicca

39:30 Choosing to become a musician

45:00 Writing music for Movies and Plays

47:27 Process of writing a music

50:49 Main motivation

54:54 People Behind the curtain

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