Episode 15: Dominique Crenn, 3 Michelin Stars Chef at Atelier Crenn


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Dominique Crenn is the owner of Atelier Crenn restaurant in San Francisco, and is the only female 3 Michelin Star Chef in the US. Her recent memoir - Rebel Chef: In Search for What Matters - she shares her fascinating life story from French orphanage to the pinnacle of culinary art.

In this interview we discussed Dominique's journey: influence of her parents, challenges she had faced (she don't have a former culinary education), building Atelier Crenn, her battle of cancer, and many other things.

01:10 How is Atelier Crenn adapting to COVID?

04:45 Changes COVID will bring to the restaurant the industry

08:20 Restaurants move towards healthy choices

10:10 Thoughts on her new Memoir

15:00 Adoption & childhood

17:30 Favorite childhood memory

18:40 Mother’s teaching

23:45 Young Dominique

24:15 Leaving France

26:00 Jeremiah Tower

30:45 The origin of confidence and how it was applied at Stars

34:17 Nature vs Nurture

37:40 Blending past experiences and starting Atelier Crenn

42:00 Netflix – Chef’s Table

44:20 Choosing investor, and balancing art and business

46:30 The role of Michelin Stars

50:02 After achieving everything one dreamed of, what drives her now

52:00 French President’s dinner and Allen Ducas

55:12 Women in the Restaurant Industry

56:55 Defeating Cancer

59:30 looking for the biological mother

01:00:50 Blitz

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