The Case For The Imprint We Make- Part 1


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Welcome back to Season 2 of The Activation Project!

This season we are giving brave souls a platform to:

Uncover their Past, to Free them from Shame, so they can Rewrite their Future!

Our first guest is our co-host Kristeena's biological mother.

Carol Ann gave up Kristeena and her infant sister to the baby sitter at a very young age. Nevertheless, the parallels their lives take are unmistakable. Carol Ann gives the heart wrenching details of her story as Kristeena hears them for the first time in her life. A brighter light has never been witnessed at the end of such a long dark tunnel.

This episode makes a very strong case for generational trauma imprinting on the DNA and an even stronger case for our human capacity TO BREAK THE CYCLE and change our future, regardless of how catastrophic the epigenetic stamp may be!

Not only will you want to hear this, you will want to share it with your family members, especially those who may be stuck in familial conflict.

***WARNING*** R Rated and NSFW

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