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In 2012, my book club actually read books. And one of my favorite books that we read was Cheryl Strayed's Wild (it was also one of my favorite book club meetings because we had a trail mix bar). At the time, I was dealing with the aftermath of my father's death, and I found her book to be incredibly therapeutic. Equally comforting was watching Reese Witherspoon portray her on the big screen in the movie version, seeing her discuss spirituality/life lessons with Oprah, and listening to her give advice on Dear Sugar. Cheryl Strayed has been a huge part of helping me get through some crazy hard times, so I can't think of a better person to interview for episode 100. We discuss everything from eating squirrel to her mother "the hippie Martha Stewart," food she ate on the Pacific Crest Trail, and the search for the perfect pickle. You can listen to the episode on iTunes. Theme music is by Podcast Guest #85, Goh Nakamura. This will be my last podcast recording for a while. I'm taking a break to focus on acting and plan on directing my first feature later this year. That said, if I find a random opportunity to record another amazing interview like this one, I will grab it. So stay subscribed. Thank you so much for listening over the years. And if you just started, I have 99 other episodes for you to catch up on - some of my favorites include chefs Roy Choi + Ming Tsai, journalist Lisa Ling, blogger Molly Yeh, actress Sandra Oh, and my father-in-law David Greenwald. Keep in touch via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @mslynnchen. xo Lynn

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