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St. Augustine is probably the Western church's greatest ever theologian, foundational for Protestants and Catholics alike. But didn't he say lots of weird (and bad) stuff about sex? And hasn't that had a long and damaging legacy? Springing off of a recent article of Onsi's, this week the hosts take a closer look at what Augustine said about sex and how the Reformation interpreted it.
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Colin: Middlemarch by George Eliot
Onsi: Selected Writings by Meister Eckhart
Rhys: The Frailest Thing: Ten Years of Thinking About the Meaning of Technology by L.M. Sacasas
Texts Discussed
"The Beloved Icon: An Augustinian Solution to the Problem of Sex" by Onsi Kamel
"Feeling Right: Augustine on the Passions and Sexual Desires" by John C. Cavadini
On Marriage and Concupiscence by Augustine
Confessions by Augustine
On The Estate of Marriage by Martin Luther
Davenant Spotlight
On Original Sin by Peter Martyr Vermigli

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