#89: Carlos Goffi – Why not practice under situations of a match?


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Hi guys, in this episode you get to listen to Carlos Goffi. Carlos’ coaching career began in 1975 at the Port Washington Tennis Academy in New York, by recommendation from his mentor Harry Hopman. He has written the book “Tournament Tough”, directed Nike tennis camps for 30+ years and been the coach of both John and Patrick McEnroe.

You’ll get to know:

  • The seperation between green, yellow and red points
  • Why “play your game” might be a misleading advice
  • The difference between hitters and players

Enjoy the show!


01:00 How Izo Zunic got into coaching on the professional tour
03:25 The Star River Professional Tennis Club
04:10 The start of IMP Attitude
06:46 Imp-attitude
15:25 The obstacle is the way
17:45 Be the shark in the ocean not in the aquarium
19:00 Creating a community to feel accountable
20:00 Simplicity always win against complexity
21:00 Copy habits not coaching methodologies
21:30 You do not know what you do not know
22:25 You don’t lack resources you lack resourcefulness
23:25 The information is available, how we use it is the question
24:35 Roles and goals
25:30 How to connect with Izo Zunic

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