TADS091720 - West Coast Fire Update


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SPECIAL THURSDAY SHOW ...Trial By Fire ...you know how that go’s No matter how strong you are almost nobody is ready for a fire The initial action may not last long but it’s effects do. Right now many of our brothers and sisters on the west coast of Oregon and California are being decimated by “wildfires”whole farms are Being reduced to ash. We will talk to our friend Peter from Massive seeds , we just talked to him only a few weeks ago , and now he and his family has lost everything EXCEPT the plants. James Bean man on the scene will drop in and show us how friends take care of friends. 2020 has been one hell of a year and if there is one thing it has shown us is that the root word of community is unity and now is the time to prove it. YouTube.com/adamdunnshow 4:20-7:10MT - [ ] #adamdunnshow ##seedsherenow #newmilleniumnutrients #buildasoil #greenfarmsmed #iloveincredibles #tresorbcn #fishshit #42oextractor #extractcraft #dunndeal #14er #jamesbeanmanonthescene #numbnuts #ozocoffee #DJC #apothacaryextractsco #massiveseeds #wildfiresuck

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