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On this episode of The Adaptables, Abbe chats about episode 10 of the Hulu and BBC adaptation of NORMAL PEOPLE by Sally Rooney. (Get well soon Emma!) She’s joined by Maris Kreizman, book critic and host of The Maris Review.

Abbe and Maris discuss grappling with the loss of loved ones, dating people with mental health issues in college, Skyping, sapiosexuality, and more.

Discussion breakdown:

  • Intro and Maris’s Canadian galley of NORMAL PEOPLE (0:24–2:55)
  • TRIGGER WARNING (depression and suicide) and episode recap (2:56–3:42)
  • Connell hears about Rob’s suicide (3:43–6:16)
  • Asking for help: Connell seeks out a counsellor on Niall’s insistence (6:17–6:43)
  • Flashback to the funeral (6:44–8:00)
  • Dissecting Marianne’s motivations: why she comes back from Sweden for Rob’s funeral but not Christmas (8:01–10:54)
  • Marianne’s eating disorder in the book vs. the show (10:55–12:28)
  • Perfect Girlfriend No More: Helen confronts Connell and commendably chooses herself over playing second fiddle (12:29–15:22)
  • Have you ever Skyped with anyone all night long while they slept? (15:23–17:37)
  • A critical look at class, upward mobility, and the hidden costs of meritocracy in NORMAL PEOPLE (17:38–20:02)
  • Intellectual intercourse: the glue that holds Marianne and Connell together (20:03–23:12)
  • What Maris is currently reading and her top recommendations for the summer (23:13–25:56)

Marianne Fringe Report:

✂ The chunky bright blue sweater that Marianne is sporting at the end of the episode gives us hope that this will be the last we see of Marianne’s grayscale wardrobe. You will not be missed.

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