Ep #192: Creating family rules around screen time


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Do you ever feel like electronics are taking over your child's life? Do they have a problem getting off their phone, tablet, computer, game, or TV?

It can be tricky to help our children learn how to use electronics appropriately, as we must teach them how to use them in a beneficial and not harmful way for their growth.

In today's podcast, Parenting Coach Siope Kinikini discusses ways to set boundaries around electronics and their usage.

One of the things families can do is use the SODAS Method to determine how and when members should use electronic devices. When we make it a family decision, they don't feel like there is a double standard with one set of rules for grown-ups and another set for kids.

You can learn more about the SODAS Method by visiting the Smarter Parenting Website and watching the Decision Making Video.

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