Collaboration with Janet Sims - Episode 275


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Continuing with their conversation last episode, Tammy welcomes Janet Sims of the Prosperity Economics Movement again to talk about collaboration within the community. Janet shares what are the benefits of being in a community like the Prosperity Economics Movement, whether you are new in the field or you’re an expert with several years of experience under your belt. She also talks about what makes the Prosperity Economic Advisors process unique and what to expect from the community moving forward.

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  • Memberships - Prosperity Economics Advisors
  • Connect with Janet Sims
  • Show Notes
  • Who Janet Sims is
  • What is the collaboration that Janet sees people taking away?
  • The benefits of being in a community
  • The unique process of the Prosperity Economic Advisors
  • How long Janet has been in the movement
  • Different ways how to contact Janet

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