S2. Episode 38- The Air Conditioning Podcast | James Napier | Orange, NSW


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What’s up people? In this episode of The Air Conditioning Podcast we chatted with James Napier, an A-Class Sparky from Orange NSW who is currently doing his 3rd year to become a fridgie. Yep, a proper dual trade.

Here’s some of what we chatted about….

Tell us more about yourself and where you’re at right now (5:45)

Have you done much in Refrigeration? (6:30)

What is your current position in the company you’re currently working with? (11.30)

Where would you like to be within your business? (12:15)

Can you tell us a bit more about where you live? (13:15)

Has the pandemic affected your business and how? (15:00)

Is it a competitive market where you live? (16:30)

Are you competing with retailers? (18:45)

Do you do much travelling to service your clients? (20:00)

Word of mouth and referrals would no doubt be important for you? (20:30)

What are you currently using as a CRM? (21:30)

Do you have four Seasons in Orange? (23:15)

Who are your biggest competitors? (24:00)

What’s the culture like where you are working? (25:30)

What brands are you working with? (26:00)

How do you currently handle warranty? (27:00)

How do you handle difficult clients? (29:45)

And that’s just a sniff….hope you enjoy the episode legends and if you want to get in touch with James, you can reach him at james@arkedupelec.com, but until the next episode dudes, ta-ta.

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