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Hey guys, In this episode we chatted with Craig Stevens, Marketing Specialist at The Reece Group.

Reece support residential, commercial and infrastructure building trades across Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Their success is built on the success of their customers who provide essential services every day..yes that means you!

There was so much to cover, being the sizeable juggernaut that they are, but we crammed as much in as we could

Can you share with our audience a bit of the history behind the business? (3:00)

Can you tell us about the amalgamation with Actrol and Metalflex? (5:00)

How long have you been working with the company? (6:00)

How many sites do you have across the country? (7:35)

How quickly did you see the company growth, was it a gradual expansion? (8:00)

What HVAC products do you cater for? (9:00)

What brands of units are you selling presently? (10:00)

Do you sell only to trades or will you supply your products to anyone? (11:20)

Can you tell us more about the maX app and who benefits from it? (12:00)

If you are an account customer with one business unit, can you purchase from other business units (eg irrigation) on the same account? (12:50)

How does your account discount structure work? Is it based on size of company, history, volume? (14:10)

Can you tell us more about Flexitrack app? Is this a way of tracking refrigerant usage, bottle rental etc? (15:05)

Why is Reece growing so quickly when compared with some of your competitors? (17:40)

So what separates your business from your competitors? (18:55)

How does someone start up an account with the Reece Group? (20:05)

Has Reece aligned themselves with any particular tool brands? (21:00)

We’d like to thank Craig for joining us on the show and to The Reece Group for helping us to make it happen. To get in touch with the guys and gals at Reece, you can visit Reece.com.au or head into one of their stores and speak with one of their friendly staff.

But until the next episode…its goodnight from me and good night from him.

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