Ep 148: Said The Actor To The Bishop


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Welcome to episode 148 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe.

For some reason saying 'said the actor to the Bishop' is a thing in this episode, despite the saying actually being 'Actress to the Bishop'. Joe goes to the dentist and shares his experience of having to have an emergency tooth removal. Greg discusses the sudden surge in 'sex scam?' messages and reads a few out, then it's into Geezedroping.

We cover some recent stories including Bam Margera's exit from Jackass 4 which leads us to look back to his early CKY videos which all had a huge effect on us both growing up, TikTok user posts a video of how she used glue instead of hair spray and the ex-rugby player who sucked off an old man for vodka then realises what he had done, so murders the old man in a horrific fashion.

All that and more!

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