1038 • My $9,000 New NICHE Property Test (CASE STUDY)


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Today, I've got something new that I will be testing that's a little risky, a little scary, but that's good. That's where growth usually happens.

What I'm talking about here is my new $9,000 niche property test case study. I haven't named what that will be. We're going to document the entire job.

I'll explain exactly "WHY":

  • Is this different
  • I spent $9,000
  • I don't have anything yet to show for it

You have been hearing me talk about niche properties where you build your own digital real estate. It's kind of like the real estate market in general.

Many people want to get into Airbnb or a similar rental space. Right now, it's expensive.

The cool thing is about digital real estate is that we can get in, not necessarily going to cost us anymore. Valuations are going up.

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