1039 • (Pros and Cons) Amazon Affiliate Products vs Display Ads To Earn Money From Niche Properties


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What I did want to talk about is a conversation I had yesterday. I did about an hour strategy session with the company that I'm using and also testing.
We have picked the niche and how we will start building out the niche property the way that we've talked about it.
This question came up. Are we going to be focusing on display ads or affiliate products?
My first answer was we're going after display ads. The reason is to me it's a lot cleaner.
We don't have to worry about Amazon cutting their commission fees. But with that being said, I'm still going to put that on there.
The main focus for me is display ads. That's the number one reason why I'm doing this. So, now all we need to do is to create content that answers search quarries.

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