1070 • (TOUGH LOVE) Time To Level Up Your Game


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Welcome back to another Monday mindset. Today we're going to talk about tough love because it is time to level up your game.

It's time to stop procrastinating. Stop trying to make things perfect so you can get in the game.

So the time of this recording, we are getting ready to do our seven-day content creation challenge. And if you're listening to this after the fact, you can still go to launchyourcontent.com.

It won't be live at that time as far as going through it live. But the training is still there to go through if you are interested.

I know that sometimes we need people in our lives who will say, listen, I'll walk with you through this process. I'll go to the gym with you. I'll get you rolling.

All of this is discussed more in this episode. Watch this episode below or listen to it above.

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