Episode 25: Lil Nas X, Satan, Comedian Rapist, Deshaun Watson, Church, Asian Ladies Week


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The duo try to discuss Lil Nas X and his controversial Satanic video, but realize they are old and know nothing about modern rap music. David sees Satan as a victim, Darryl admires the production value of the video. The convo leads to a discussion on homophobia, and crazy people in church. David calls Darryl out on knowing about comedy rapist and not knowing about the most recent popular creep, Deshaun Watson. Darryl gets his first vaccine shot, David misses his first vaccine shot. The duo exchange Asian lady stories. Darryl makes David aware of an Asian lady victim, David makes Darryl aware of an Asian lady bully he met at a liquor store. Darryl thinks he is cool and knows more words than David, David explains the upcoming importance of Godzilla vs Kong.

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