Episode 31: Darryl's Ex-Wives, Comedy Club Soldier, Return of the Karen, Primate Gang Violence, Spider Monkeys & Cheetos, Kwame Brown


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Darryl talks about his Memorial Day vacation to celebrate his 10th marriage anniversary and the duo discuss his ex-wives. David shares his story of meeting a comedy club soldier and two women that tried to give him advice on his stand up. Darryl shares his love for buffets and being a covid super spreader. The duo discuss white women news. Central Park Karen makes a return for revenge and demands justice. David blames the real victim Christian Cooper and labels him a dork. Another woman gets fired for fucking with Spider Monkeys at the zoo. David discusses primate gang violence. The duo discuss their most recent hero, Kwame Brown. Darryl shares a story of a soldier that went AWOL only to loose his patience with toddlers.

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