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Meet Ang. Your hilarious business bestie who's obsessed with helping you own your weird, start before you’re ready & have unstoppable energy. She's a joy junkie + your permission slip to START. Motivational mini-sodes for the multi-passionate woman who wants to turn her idea into a business, up her wellness game + take poop-her-pants-terrified ACTION. Feel like you were made for more but you don't know what that is? Craving a PIVOT in your career? Sick of boring business podcasts? Want unstoppable ENERGY? If YES, you're in the right place! Angie is your (hilarious) marketing wiz bestie who's obsessed with helping you ditch perfect, celebrate the suck & start before you're ready. How do you start an online business? How do you improve your brain health & focus? How do you monetize your Instagram, blog or podcast? How do you leave your 9-5 & make money online? How do you manage anxiety? How do you find your purpose? How do you start before you're ready!? Angie answers your questions & covers it all. A college & corporate dropout, Angie gives you the tangible tools & hacks to crush it as an ambitious woman, find your purpose & optimize your health. What began as health blog in her college dorm room blossomed into an international brand that helps thousands of ambitious women. Countless videos, blogs and podcasts later, Angie is now a serial entrepreneur, author of Ready Is A Lie, keynote speaker, creator of the Pays To Be Brave conference, top podcaster, educator & 7-figure organic marketing maven. Angie's superpower? Helping you make friends with fear & make money doing what you love.

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