EP. 312: Anik and Florian UFC 265 Recap, Kayla Harrison Interview, and Ray Longo


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Anik, Florian, and Longo recap what was a memorable night of action at UFC 265 in Houston, as Ciryl Gane breaks through to become France’s first UFC champion. Plus, the fellas are joined by two-time Olympic Gold medalist and PFL lightweight contender Kayla Harrison.


(00:01:00) - OPENING - #AnikFlorianPodcast

(00:02:48) - HEADLINES: @Jon_Anik & @KennyFlorian

(00:17:49) - THE RAY LONGO MINUTE: Starring @RayLongoMMA

(00:44:57) - More #UFC265 Talk with Anik & Florian: Judging, Scoring, etc.

(00:51:43) - 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Former PFL Champion, Current PFL Contender: Kayla Harrison @JUDOKAYLA

(01:06:00) - OUTRO

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