How Sherri Franklin is Saving Senior Animals and Making an Impact in San Francisco


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Sherri Franklin is the founder of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. She was named a CNN Hero in 2016, which emphasizes the impact she’s had on the lives of senior animals and her community overall.

She joins us today to talk about her mission to help aging animals. Sherri explains how Muttville began, why she ultimately decided to do something about the animal shelter conditions she'd witnessed, and how she continues to sustain a growing Muttville all these years later. I also ask Sherri an important question, one I feel she’s best qualified to answer: How do we know when it is the right time to say goodbye to our beloved?
In this episode, you’ll hear how beautiful it can be to care so much. You’ll hear about the ultimate goals for Muttville and why the mayor of San Francisco has officially declared a Muttville Senior Rescue Dog day across the city. You'll hear how among the ones who need it most - the precious oldies - there are those on the fighting line making a real difference. And you'll eagerly want to be part of it. (You can - just adopt a senior pet today!)
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