What Animals Teach Us About Empathy and Being with Catherine Raven


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Catherine Raven is the author of a beautiful book titled “Fox and I: An Uncommon Friendship”. She has a PhD in biology, holds degrees in zoology and botany, and is a former national park ranger. What I'm saying is she is super smart! Just listen to her talk about anthropomorphism, the six kingdoms of life, and where humans and animals fit together to know it's true.

Today, Catherine joins the show to talk about what wild animals can teach us about empathy, being, and humanity. To hear her explain reciprocity in our relationships with animals will fill your heart with inspiration. Her uncommon friendship with Fox taught her so much about how to pay close attention to the ideas of right and wrong; how to be tolerant of the space you share with nature; why getting to know another being without distractions is important; and why love isn't unconditional in her eyes, and that is actually a good thing.
Catherine is a writer. Y'all know there's nothing in this world I revere like a writer, especially an animal-loving one. So last but not least, her writerly wisdom fills this episode and she even tells us a little bit about her newest work of fiction coming out soon.

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